June 4 - 25, 2011

We are all raised on very specific types of stories. Those of heroism
and triumph, those of valor and beauty. Fortitude, honor, perseverance,
love. Stories to bolster our passion and enrich our spirit, told to
inspire and uplift. Tales that, through their fantasy, inevitably become
improbable ideals and impractical touchstones. Rare standards when
compared to truth. Instead, we have exchanged knights in shining armor for
Apocalyptic horsemen, fair princess-maidens for damaged harlots, and
magical kingdoms for flooded cities. Happy endings for sad realities.

“Tragédie” explores stories of melancholy. Inspired by history and
fiction, Louis N. LaPierre and Sanithna Phansavanh reinterpret narratives
through drawings and paintings.