Shining Moments


September 19 - October 18, 2014

Beep Beep Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition by Atlanta artist Jason R. Butcher.

For "Shining Moments", his 2nd solo show with Beep Beep, Jason R. Butcher focuses primarily on a series of plates that most closely represent daguerrotypes, but are actually a combination of etching and digital prints. 

These images deal with the idea of capturing the moment when a being is first distinctly different than it's environment, specifically humans. The combination of both man made and computer generated images suggests a non-human or machine artist, a hybrid of biology and technology trying to make sense of the evolutionary process of a species whose origins become muddled when placed in the context of the information age of mankind.

On top of that the show also features a number of works ranging from ceramic sculptures, sound objects, analog animations, and automated pieces combining mechanical and organic components all of which deal with similar themes of civilization and synthesis in the modern age.