May 7 - 28, 2011

Beep Beep gallery is proud to present "Sasnak", featuring new work by Alex Kvares (Atlanta) and Mark Hosford (Nashville). Both artists originally come from Kansas (Sasnak spelled backwards) where they attended the same high school and university. 

Their work deals with forms of distortion. For Kvares this exists between idealism and execution. His graphite / pen and ink works interpret the disconnect between these two ideas, representing the "glitches" in various, often contradictory, visual styles. For Hosford, that distortion exists between memory and perception. Hosford's graphite works are an exercise in drawing the link between the unconscious and conscious minds, using Rorschach's inkblots as analytical boundaries to contain that link.

On top of a number of individual pieces, the artist's have been collaborating long distance on several graphite drawings.