Process and Practice


July 7 - 28, 2012

Throughout art history, artists have continually cycled in and out of an interest in work made by hand. For women artists especially, this interest has at times been overshadowed by the assumed connection to domesticity and handiwork as a lesser art form. 

Process and Practice features artists Jaynie Crimmins (Atlanta), Helen Farmer (Greenville), and Leisa Rich (Atlanta); female artists who embrace the femininity of their practice and use their processes of making to elevate their work beyond the level of craft. 

These artists are engaged in the creation of their pieces by their own hands. Through methods of layering and combining processes, they have reconfigured their materials into new sculptural works. Each artist has a developed reverence for their materials that allows for the works to illustrate the nuances and possibilities of their medium.


Susannah Darrow is Co-Founder and Executive Director of is a native Atlantan who left briefly to study art history, printmaking, 60s and 70s underground music, and English at the University of Georgia. She now is pursuing a graduate degree in art history from Georgia State University. Susannah is a member of the Forward Arts Foundation Emerging Artist Award Committee and serves on the Board of Directors of Art Papers.