November 3 - 24, 2012

"Kin" is a group show/family affair featuring sisters Katie and Meagan Ridley along with their respective husbands Jason Murphy and Brendan Danielsson. 

Aside from the familial relationships, the four have several connections in the art world. All four artists attended the Ringling College of Art and Design, breeding ground for a slew of Beep Beep favorites like Steven Dixey, Matt Relkin, Sat Kirpal Garcia, and Stenvik Mostrom all of whom exhibited together at Beep Beep along with Jason and Katie in a show called appropriately enough "Ringling Brothers". Brendan founded the now defunct Art Dorks collective which banded together over 30 artists including Katie, Jason and Meagan.

Individually, they are all accomplished exhibitors having shown their work at a number of spaces around the world. The foursome all currently maintain residence in Atlanta.