June 27 - August 1, 2015

"CROWN" is a group exhibition curated by Metatronic, the collective formed by Beep Beep Gallery owners Mark Basehore and James McConnell.  The title "CROWN" refers to the Keter, the top Sephirot in the Kabballic "Tree of Life".  In Kabballah the crown represents the creation of the universe and origin of energies.  This show focuses on the ecstatic qualities these artists have placed into their work, especially in their use of color, linework, and abstraction as a means to represent the creative process.

Past group exhibitions have been more assignment based, where a theme is presented and the artists create work with the spirit of that theme in mind.  However for this show, the artwork was selected ahead of time to correspond with a particular aesthetic the curators had in mind, a first for the gallery.   

The work for "CROWN" was selected after a series of studio visits with a number of Atlanta based artists including: Peter Ferrari, Laura Katherine, Stephen Key, Katie Lebel, Michelle Norris, Bo Orr, Sanithna Phansavanh, Lucha Rodriguez, Estela Semeco, Dorothy Stucki.