Alchemy: Phase 4


December 6 - 20, 2014

This is our fourth year doing “Alchemy”, which is a group show where Beep Beep cuts a bunch of multi-sized triangles and hands them out to artists. “Alchemy” is a great opportunity to see work by a number of amazing local artists and a great chance to pick up affordable artwork for the holidays!

For us, part of the fun of this show is that the plethora of works combined with the specific shape of the triangles allows us to create a series of patterns and designs where each artist’s work plays off another. This in turn allows for a unique collective exhibit.

Artists include: Sam Parker, Mike Germon, Kate Triosi, Colin Sims, Emily Maxwell, Olivia Rado, Nick Madden, Bo-Ra Choi, Marcy Starz, Allen Taylor, Patrick Davis, Heather Greenway, Stephen Key, Ansley Sproull, Travis Smith, Kat Cooper, Nathan Sharratt, Ally White, Paul Light, Laura Vela, Adam Stephenson, Larry Holland, Chris Chambers, Steve Pomberg, Phil Jones, Hilary Kelley, Paige Adair, Katie Lebel, Peter Ferrari, and Joe Dreher.