September 10 - 24, 2011

Beep Beep is proud to present this exhibition of new work by Atlanta artist Born. In "Accidental" Born continues his process of unconscious art making where he assembles his pieces using found objects:

"The works I create usually don’t start with an idea; the idea tends to come later.

I let the materials guide me. There’s history in the materials: the imperfections, the dents, the scratches—instant character. Also, using old... materials allows me to make pieces that for the most part cannot be reproduced. The joy of creating these works is in the exploration—the discovery, the learning process. I’m putting together a puzzle that doesn’t exist. If a piece is missing, I make it.

Sometimes I feel like the artist’s assistant."

Born was recently nominated for the Forward Emerging Artist Award. As a finalist, he will receive $2,000, and a piece will be featured in a 2012 show at Swan Coach Gallery.

Born has shown with Beep Beep several times in the past including "Works on Paper" w/ Hense in 2008, "Relief" a solo exhibiton in 2009, and "Pure / Surrender" w/ Michi Meko in 2010.